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How to register a birth



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Register a birth

Parents must register their child's birth within 42 days (or 21 days in Scotland) - who can register, birth certificates


Register a birth abroad

Parents must register the birth in the country where the child was born - find out if you can also register the birth in the UK


Register a stillbirth

Where and how to register a stillbirth, who can register it, financial support you may be able to get and support organisations


Rights for surrogate mothers

A surrogate mother has a mother's rights to any child they carry, unless they sign a parental order - father's rights, maternity leave


Sure Start Maternity Grant

Sure Start Maternity Grant - a £500 payment to help with the costs of a new baby, eligibility, applying, claim form SF100


Surrogacy: legal rights of parents and surrogates

Legal rights for intended parents when using surrogates or donors


The law on leaving your child home alone

The law doesn't say an age when you can leave a child on their own, but it's an offence to leave a child alone if it places them at risk.


When child maintenance payments stop

Child maintenance payments usually stops when the child reaches 16 - but there are some exceptions







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